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WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPECTING 1 litter in August and a possible 5, yes I said 5, litters in September.  There will be both stock coats and longcoats.  Black and reds and black sables.

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Von Hoene Heritage Shepherds
Long coated German Shepherd puppies

Tara Von Hershberger was bred to Shuman de la Madonina with puppies expected to be born around September 7, 2019 and ready to rehome around November 4, 2019.  This will be a mix of both stock and longcoats.  Both black and reds and sables.  An occasional black sable has been produced by this litter.  This is my Partner Kennel in Ohio.  They can be picked up there in Ohio or here in Indiana on our farm.
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SG 1 and SG 5 Mej Zedesen Dog was bred to 2 x PRM Shuman de la Madonina with puppies expected to be born around September 19, 2019.  Ready for their new homes on November 14, 2019.  Mej and Shuman are both Europoen, titled imports.  This is an exceptional litter.  Conformation, show potential and breeding prospects.  They will be be stock and long coat puppies.  All black and red.  This is my Partner Kennel in Ohio. They can be picked up there in Ohio or here at our farm.   
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Dafne Von Hirschberg, granddaughter of 2 x VA 1 Remo Von Fichtenschlag was bred to Ike Von Den Kraften on July 17, 2019.  This is repeat breeding.  Puppies will all be black and red longcoats and will carry and solid black longcoat gene.  They should be born somewhere around September 18, 2019 and ready to join their new families around November 13, 2019.  
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Shuman de la Madonina was bred to Trinity Vom Fanino and hopefully produced puppies around September 25, 2019.  They will be ready to join your breeding or showing family around November 20, 2019.  This is a line breeding of 2 x VA1 Remo Von Fichtenschlag and will be outstanding in any discipline you would like to pursue.  This is my Partner Kennel in Ohio.  They can be picked up there in Ohio or here in our kennel in Indiana. 
CLICK HERE   to view pedigree. 

Uniqua Von Fanino has been bred to Ike Von Den Kraften.  Expecting heavy coated, dark faced black and reds.  They should be born around October 10, 2019 and ready to join your family around December 10, 2019.  

Betty Von Wolfenwald was surgically AI'ed with Ahio Von Fanino and should have a Christmas time litter.  Born around October 18, 2019 and ready around December 18, 2019.  This will be an outstanding litter.  With longcoat, thick coats and show conformation. All longcoat black and reds expected.  

Teddie Von Hoene Heritage was bred to Ike Von Den Kraften and should present puppies around November 1, 2019.  These would also be ready at Christmas time.  They will all be longcoated.  Some will be solid black longcoats and other will be very dark faced, blanket backed black and reds. 

You can contact me by text or phone at:
812-521-1917 with questions about any of the litter that we are expecting at any time.  

Von Hoene Heritage Shepherds


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