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WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPECTING 2 litters in March and one in April.



Specific information to follow on the two upcoming litter. 

Trinity Vom Fanino and Shuman de la Madonina.  Due March 14, 2019
Black and Red Stock and Longcoats expected.  Outstanding pedigrees, some of the finest in our program.  Check out our Adult Shepherds page by   CLICKING HERE for pics and pedigrees.

Tara Von Hershberger and Shuman de la Madonina.  Due March 20, 2019.  There may be a black sable longcoat in this litter.  There are stock and longcoats,  sable and black and reds.  Check out our 
Adult Shepherds page by   CLICKING HERE  for pics and pedigrees.  

Uniqua Von Fanino and Ike Von Den Kraften Due April 4, 2019.  These will all be black and red extreme length longcoats.  Outstanding pedigree.  CLICK HERE   to see the Adult Shepherds page for pics and pedigrees for Uniqua and Ike. 

No deposits will be accepted until these puppies are born, but I would be glad to add you to the waiting list to be notified when they are born.  

You can contact me by text or phone at:
812-521-1917 with questions about any of the litter that we are expecting at any time.  

Von Hoene Heritage Shepherds


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